Raw Cashew nuts

Cashew nuts grows inside the seeds of cashew apples. Raw cashew nuts are powerful resource of vitamins and minerals along with nutrient benefits. The cashew nuts prevent asthma and heart related diseases. Cashew nuts have healthy blood and immune system functions which are an excellent resource of healthy body.


Raw cashew nuts are used in vegan and Indian cooking recipes. We eat cashews after they have been salted and roasted, which turns them into a delicious snack but taking raw cashew nuts are much beneficial for our health rather than roasted ones. Cashews are always been sold in shell which contains caustic reason that is known as cashew cover which has to be removed carefully before the nuts are fit for conception.


Consider raw cashew nuts in your diet, because it contents low amount of calories, and actually add in weight control. The row cashew nuts are boosting your nut intake and you will definitely enjoy several health benefits, because of their rich vitamins and mineral content.

Benefits of raw cashew nuts:

Cashew is rich in Iron, Copper and Zinc- Raw

cashews fulfils the requirement of protein and haemoglobin that is essential for oxygen transport. So getting enough diet of iron, Copper and Zinc you can activate hundreds of proteins within your body, needed for healthy cell growth and the robust immune system.

Manganese for metabolism

It contains magnesium 46 mille gram, it provides one fifth of the daily manganese intake recommended for men and 26% as well for women. Undoubtedly it supports your body's metabolism- it helps you lower down the cholesterol, fat.

Nutrients and Minerals

One ounce of raw cashew has 28.35 grams nutrients. However it also contains vitamin B and C including 7 micrograms of DFE. 1 ounce serving of cashew is about 18 whole cashews. Consuming a high proportion of cashew nuts reduce the risk of several Lifestyle related health conditions.

Weight management

Regular cashew consumption is associated with the higher expenditure energy that helps in managing your weight. In addition the research says that eating nuts does not lead to weight gain, but it helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle with healthy weight management.

Gala stones

Raw cashew nuts reduce the risk of needing surgery to remove gallbladder. It's a week significantly lower down the risk of cholecystectomy and women who ate less than one ounce of nuts each week.

Bone health

Cashews are one of the foods which are high in copper. The one ounce of cashew contains 622 milligrams of copper is essential for women’s after 30. CVR copper deficiency is associate lower bone mineral density and to increase it one should take 1 to 5 cashews regularly.

Copper also plays an important role to maintain elastin and collagen components in body. Lake of copper in body can damaged connective tissues in the collagen that makes up scaffolding for bone.