The sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are important traditional medicines and rich supplement of flower need phenol antioxidants, dietary fibre and vitamins with potential anticancer properties along with health-promoting properties.


The plant of sesame requires well drained tropical environment and sandy soil to flourish. The plant grows about 5 feet in height and bears pink white fox globe type flowers. As per the cultiva type the parts of the plant it contains white, brown and black seeds which is a range in vertical rows inside things sacs.  A single port of the plant contain up to 200 or more seeds. Sesame seeds contain plenty of healthy amounts of benefits such as sesaminoal, guajacol, seasamol, furaneol, etc phenolic antioxidants. Sesame seeds are rich in minerals and vitamins.  These are very good source of vitamin B complex folic acid, thiamine, pyridoxine and riboflavin.


 100 gram of sesame seeds contains 97 percent milligram of folic acid which is about 25% of the recommended daily intake

Benefits of sesame seeds:

Great for eyes health

It is a traditional Chinese medicine, sesame seeds are good for eyes as well as it is the ancient technique to improve teeth and gums.

Good for respiratory health

Plenty of magnesium in sesame seeds help preventing respiratory disorders by preventing asthma.

Maintains oral health

Sesame seeds oil has been used for oral health from several decades in Ayurveda to reduce dental plaque, whiten your teeth, and boost or health.

Hair benefits

Sesame oil contains some acids which are full of nutrients and are needed for hair and healthy scalp. Sesame seeds deserves to be highly honoured as an affordable food that reaches the body and highly beneficial for us.

Filled with protein

It contains high quality protein makes up 20% of the seed with 4.7 gram of protein per ounce.

Helps preventing from Diabetes

It is good for diabetic patients as it contains magnesium and other nutrients which prevent diabetes and improves plasma glucose and hypersensitive diabetes as well.

Reduces blood pressure

Study reveals that Sesame seeds helps lowering down the blood pressure level as it has richer in certain nutrients.

Controls cholesterol- Sesame seeds

help lowering down the cholesterol levels and it contains phytosterols that block cholesterol production.

Good for digestion and healthy skin

The high zinc content helps carrying healthy skin and good digestion system.

Sesame seeds are great source of fibre, lower downs the cholesterol and triglycerides level. It is a nutritional plant with variety of health benefits; a great source of vitamin B and aid blood cell formation. Sesame seeds add a lovely crunch to Asian and Middle Eastern dishes. The benefits of sesame seeds are not just culinary and this nutrient condiment is good for our body as well.


Sesame seeds have a combination of minerals and vitamins which are one of the healthiest foods in the world